• UD1 - top view
  • UD1 - side view
  • UD1 - angled view

UD1 Dovetail

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Native compatibility with 2060, 2075, 120EX O’Connor and Sachtler Cine 30 heads.

Mountable with UNC 1/4 or 3/8 bolts on almost any quick-release plate.


Always wanted to have a proper bridgeplate, but they where too expensive. Buy one of our limited offer prototypes. Compatible with nearly all bridgeplates and heads. It has several mounting-points for UNC 1/4 and UNC 3/8 screws. This give you the ability to mount it on practically everything.

All mount-points are fitted with helical inserts. If one have been worn-out, you can easily replace the insert. This makes your UD1 dovetail to last more than a life-time.


Machined by high-precision computerized machines in the Netherlands.

Made out-of one piece high-grade aluminum and threaded by hard anodization. This gives you the benefits in weight of aluminum and strength like steel. The hard anodization leaves a good looking matt black finish.

Screws and small parts are made of stainless steel or brass treaded with a layer of silk nickel chrome. So these more stressful parts can handle everything without a problem.


Height: 2,2 cm.
Width: 9,6 cm.
Length: 29,2 cm.
Weight: 0,7 kg.


1x UD1 Dovetail