• UB1 - side view
  • UB1 - front view
  • UB1 - rear view


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UB1-A bridgeplate with an Arri style inlay. Essentially it can replace an Arri 19 mm. bridgeplate.


Arri Alexa Studio, Arriflex 235, Arriflex D-21, Arriflex 435, Sony F23, Sony F35, Sony F65, SI-2K, Phantom and Weisscam HS-2.

Arri Alexa, Alexa Plus, Canon C100, C300, C500 and Blackmagic URSA only with Arri’s BPA-2 adapter.


1x UB1 Bridgeplate with Arri inlay. 1x UNC 1/4 bolts 2x UNC 3/8 bolts 6x Screws for inlay-plate


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UB1-R bridgeplate with a Red style inlay.


Red One (MX)

Red Scarlet, Epic and Dragon only with a riser-plate, available at several brands.


1x UB1 Bridgeplate with Red inlay. 1x UNC 1/4 bolts 2x UNC 3/8 bolts 6x Screws for inlay-plate

UB1 Bridgeplate

No non-sense camera support that really lasts. We are using high quality materials at fair price.
Pick one of our two choices available to suit your gear on solid 19 mm. rod support. If your interested in a bridgeplate with both our Arri and Red inlay, just add your second inlay on checkout.


Changeable inlays to fit all your high-end cameras.

We had the idea to make a bridgeplate that as rigid as possible, usable on all high-end cameras and lightweight. Our answer is the new UB1 bridgeplate.It has two changeable inlays and one extension plate. With both plates the actual bolt that hold the camera goes true the whole plate, as rigid as it possible. The extension plate give the possibility to mount additional bridgeplates or equipment. As it is dovetail shaped. The UB1 compatible with high-end industry standards. Its fitted for 19 mm. rods and usable on all dovetail based camera support systems. If you use a lot different cameras with all individual bridgeplates, the UB1 is your best spare part. Just use the inlay of your need and you’re good to go. A very cost efficient spare. Of course its better to use a single UB1 for all your cameras.
For both inlays we supply a set of camera mounting bolts, to match the hight difference. The short bolts would fit both inlays, but we want to make it perfect. And let your camera be perfectly secure.We even made a few extra mounts for UNC 3/8 bolts. So you could also put something on like a DSLR or some exotic piece of hardware. Of course we supplied a set of bolts for this feature, but only compatible with the 10mm “ARRI” plate. For the 7,5 “RED” plate you can use standard bolts which are easily available. The RED plate is made for the height of the the RED One. For other RED cameras you need an additional plate, which is not included.


The specifications of the UB1 bridgeplate depend on which inlay is being used. It is usable in the following setups. Note: the displayed measurings are regarding the whole setup, not only the inlay.

With the Arri style inlay
Height: 3,1 cm. Width: 15,5 cm. Length: 15 cm. Weight: 0,6 kg.
With the Red style inlay
Height: 2,9 cm. Width: 15,5 cm. Length: 15 cm. Weight: 0,5 kg.


Machined by high-precision computerized machines in the Netherlands. Made from one piece of high-grade aluminum and threaded by hard anodization. This gives you the benefits in weight of aluminum and strength like steel. The hard anodization leaves a good looking matt black finish. Screws and small parts are made of stainless steel or brass treaded with a layer of silk nickel chrome. So these more stressful parts can handle everything without problems.